Cafe Menu

all served on white or brown rolls with salad garnish
Gluten free brown bread available

Soup & Sandwich Combo

Cheddar Cheese with Apricot & Apple Chutney (v)
Roast Ham & Piccalilli

Chicken & bacon & Pesto mayonnaise

Smoked Salmon & Cucumber

Bacon Sandwich (3 slices)

Cumberland Sausage Sandwich

Fish Finger Sandwich with lettuce & tartare sauce

all served on a round bread with a salad garnish

Soup & Nelt Combo

BBQ Pulled Pork & cheese

Chicken, Pesto & cheese

Mozzarella, Olive and Sunblushed Tomato (v)
Tuna, Red onion & Sweet Chilli Sauce with Cheese

all salads are served with dressed leaves, parmesan, croutons, sun blushed tomatoes & Olives

Feta Cheese (v)

Smoked Salmon & Cucumber

Chicken & bacon

Fellbites Welsh rarebit

Plain Welsh Rarebit & Soup Combo


or topped with

Poached Egg


Bacon & Poached Egg

All served with Onion Rings, Chips and Salad.

Homemade Beef Burger topped with Cheese
Hell Burger(beef) topped with jalapenoes, chilli ketchup & cheese
Chicken Burger with Mayonnaise
Falafel Burger topped with Smoked Paprika Mayo (v)
Add Bacon
Add BBQ Pulled Pork

For every burger sold,
Fellbites will donate 25p to Patterdale C of E School

Main courses

Cumberland Sausage
with mash, vegetables &gravy
OR Chips, beans & egg


Battered Cod
served with peas, chips & tartare sauce

Ham, Egg, Chips & Beans
Served with salad

Sweet potato, chick pea & spinach curry (v)
served on a bed of rice with a naan bread

Ploughman's Lunch
Selection of cheese, ham, pork pie, balsamic onions,
chutney, piccalilli, apple, bread & salad


Light Bites

Homemade Soup of the Day
Served with bread and butter

Beans or poached egg on toast

Egg and Chips (2 eggs), Bread & Butter

Cheese on Toast (2 slices)

Fried Egg Sandwich (2 eggs)(v)

chips, cheese or gravy

chips, cheese and gravy

chips and curry sauce


Chip Butty

side salad(v)

toast with butter & Jam

Onion Rings

Children's menu

4oz beef burger & chips

Cheese and Tomato pizza with chips

Chicken Breast and chips

Cumberland sausage and chips

Children's sandwiches
(all served on white or brown bun)

Cheese, tuna, ham

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